Prof. Dr. Pierre Dorny

Pierre Dorny (PhD, DVM, postgraduate tropical animal health, diplomate European Veterinary Parasitology College). After one year in veterinary practice, he became researcher at the laboratory of Parasitology, Ghent University (UGent) (1983-1990). His PhD was on diagnosis and control of gastrointestinal nematodes in cattle. From 1990-93 he worked at the ‘Universii Pertanian Malaysia’ in a Flemish Interuniversity Council funded project on the control of nematodes in small ruminants. In 1994 he was a parasitology consultant in a USAID project on sheep production in Sumatra, Indonesia. In 1995 he joined the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp (ITM) and UGent, Belgium to continue research in parasitology. In 2000 he became a lecturer in veterinary helminthology at ITM and a guest professor at UGent. He was chairman of the Department of Animal Health, ITM (2003-11) and was appointed full professor at ITM in 2008. Besides his teaching assignments in veterinary helminthology and parasite zoonoses at ITM and UGent, he is involved in research projects on parasitic zoonoses in developing countries and in Belgium. His laboratory is National Reference Centre for trichinellosis and other meat-borne parasites. Currently, he is (co-)author of > 300 papers listed in PubMed.